Kyoto Chapter Officers

Terms of Office November 2021 – October 2022

President: Gretchen Clark

I have been involved at the chapter level in various roles since 2008, and am interested in taking on the role of President for the first time in 2021-2022. It would be a privilege to continue working with our chapter officer committee in this leadership role. Our committee is a vibrant, enthusiastic bunch of committed professionals who believe the chapter should be a source of professional development for all. This next year, we will continue to offer programming related to all aspects of language teaching from pedagogy and reports on classroom research to events highlighting the realities and needs of our diverse membership. If elected, I am looking forward to another great year of PD on Zoom and eventually in person!

Treasurer: Martin Hawkes

I have been a chapter officer for around ten years and involved in treasury for most of the past five years. In that time, we have looked to use our funds to hold stimulating events for our members and to support other events in the Kansai area. With continuing uncertain times ahead, I aim to ensure the chapter finances remain in good order through 2021 and into 2022.

Membership chair: Thomas Amundrud

I have served as a chapter officer since 2008, most recently as chapter president. I am returning to my first role as Membership chair so that I can help connect with our existing membership, and find ways to deepen and extend the bonds between our chapter and the language teachers we represent and work for.

Interim Programming chair / Outreach chair: Christina Coslian

Christina will be taking over Programming responsibilities from Chelanna White until general elections take place at the end of this year.

I have been the outreach chair for the past year and I hope to continue to use this position to better connect with other chapters and members of our local community. As the difficult to define concept of “global education” is continuing to be pushed as a necessary addition to educational pedagogies throughout the world, focusing on inclusivity and outreach is key to supporting language teachers across Kyoto and the greater Kansai area as we develop the language education programs across the country. I look forward to collaborating with other groups and setting up networking events for our chapter in the future.

Publicity chair: Donny Sparrow

I have been the publicity chair since the middle of 2018. I have continued to make sure that the monthly newsletter has been of high quality and made sure that the membership is informed of what is going on in the chapter and JALT at large. Since all of our events have gone online Facebook and Twitter have been a large part of our publicity. Coordinating with the programming chair, the facilities chair, and members at large who are directing events and groups supported by the chapter is an important point that I will continue working on into the next year.

Publicity co-chair: Edward Escobar

This is my first opportunity to serve as an officer of JALT’s Kyoto Chapter; however, I am bringing over 20 years of experience in website administration and online publicity to the publicity Co-chair/Webmaster position. I look forward to collaborating with the Kyoto chapter officers in continuing to make chapter events and other information accessible to the JALT community and beyond.

Facilities chair: Yoshimi Ochiai

I have been a Facilities chair for three years. For the past few years, I have supported the online meeting setups and advertising for the online events. When everything is ready to have a face-to-face event, I will reserve a place for our event.

Betsy Lavolette – Member-at-large
Eric Martin – Member-at-large
Bjorn Fuisiting – Member-at-large
Ben Thanyawatpokin – Member-at-large
Ann Flanagan – Member-at-large
John Syquia – Member-at-large