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PanSIG2023 conference volunteers needed

The annual PanSIG conference is self-funded and gets no income from the JALT organization. Any profits are shared equally among the SIGs who participate. The SIGs can decide whether to keep the money or donate it back to PanSIG for the following year.

Next year, the conference will be held in Kyoto at Kyoto Sangyo University, so this means that many of you [Kyoto Chapter members] will not need to spend so much money to attend. Your attendance, whether in person or online, will help to fund the conference. So, please come to the conference!

If you would like to volunteer with preparations or during the conference, here are ways in which you can help. Contact your SIG Coordinator or Program Chair about helping with the first two suggestions:

i) vetting proposals and mentoring people whose proposal needs some work (there will be online workshops held to support newcomers to the field or the experience of presenting at a conference) 

ii) vetting papers for the post-conference publication (and mentoring new writers)

Please contact Amanda by email for the volunteer activities in section iii)

iii) working at the venue – leading groups of student volunteers in charge of refreshments, cloakroom, guiding people around the campus, etc. 

– providing technical help for presenters in the classroom

– organizing some special events e.g. small groups who want to sample Kyoto nightlife, setting up a group to try weaving a silk scarf at Nishijin Textile Center, any other ideas.

Volunteer with JALT Publications!

The JALT Publications, JALT Journal, The Language Teacher, and the PostConference Publication, are looking for volunteers to review, copy edit, and proofread manuscripts and submissions. Training and mentoring will be provided to those who want to assist The Language Teacher and the PostConference Publication, as such no prior experience is necessary to join those teams. These positions do not involve a huge time commitment and are great ways to learn more about the publication process, improve your own academic writing skills, and make new connections within the JALT community. For more information, visit our recruiting page. You can also send an email to any of the journal editors for specific information or to for general inquiries.

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