2008 Events Archive

December 6, 2008

The Year in Review: Roundtable with guest speakers and members

Kyoto Kyoiku Bunka Center, 1:00-4:00  See map for directions.

Featured Speakers

October 11, 2008

Pre-Conference Presentation Workshop & Annual Chapter Elections

Kyoto Kyoiku Bunka Center, Room 205, 6:30-8:30  

This was a unique chance to see presentations that will be given at the 2008 JALT National Conference. Repeating last year’s successful event, this meeting was again open to any presenter giving a presentation at the conference.

The hardworking team for the upcoming year!

Featured Speakers For October’s Chapter Meeting

1. Thomas Amundrud — Tertiary Language Teachers and Student Mental Health in Japan (Workshop)

Student depression, social withdrawal, suicide, as well as other mental health issues, are problems that some university educators have to face in their classes. This workshop will give teachers ideas for effectively dealing with student mental health problems. It will first demonstrate that this problem exists through qualitative and quantitative research, expert interviews with mental health professionals in Japan, and a review of available literature.

2. Oana Cusen — Code Switching in the Classroom

This presentation will take a different approach to L1 use in the language classroom, examining it as code-switching, rather than as interference to target language acquisition. The case study presented focuses mainly on the usage patterns of Japanese discourse markers framing English utterances in conversation. The efficacy of explicit teaching of English markers, as well as its influence on the identities of the students as learners of English will also be considered.