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29 January 2023

3rd annual event on DEI in ELT: Development and Globalization in ELT

This event focuses on language education at the governmental level and how teachers can implement MEXT policy in their classrooms. The topic is timely as MEXT policy is pushing many educators in Japan to push for a more “globalized” or “diverse” education system. This goal is important but many of us have unclear definitions as to what this means and how it will affect them in their roles in their respective fields.

This event is scheduled to be held online via Zoom.



25 March 2023

Community MyShare

We are planning a My Share event in which Kyoto members and Kansai JALT neighbors are invited to present their research or an aspect of their teaching practice. The event will be held in person and is sure to be a good chance to network and meet local chapter members.

This event is scheduled to be held at the Campus Plaza Kyoto.

Kyoto JALTでは、京都や関西近郊のJALT会員の皆さまに、自身の研究や教育実践をご発表いただけるMy Shareイベントを企画しています。本イベントは対面での開催予定ですので、ネットワーク作りや他の地元の支部会員と知り合えるよい機会になるはずです。


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