Call for The Listening Conference 2022 (Deadline 24th June 2022)

JALT Listening SIG

The Listening SIG is delighted to announce their first ever event in affiliation with the JALT Kyoto Chapter. The Listening Conference 2022 will be a one-day event taking place in Kyoto on Sunday 25th September. Our call for presenters is now open.

Living on the Edge 2022 – May 21 & 22, 2022 (via

Living on the Edge 2022: Finding Home

When you live on the edge, where is home? Perhaps a better question would be, when? For some of us, home is a physical location, whereas for others it is a state of mind, something to be found in relationships or in a space between places. At Living on the Edge 2022: Finding Home we invite you to share how you’ve used your differences as the building blocks to find spaces in which to belong and / or how you’ve created spaces for others.

Biased Teaching, Biased Language, Marginalized Students – April 24, 2022 (online)


Students who come from minority backgrounds face obstacles that teachers, classmates and administrators may not be aware of. Subtle and not-so-subtle biases exist, and it is important to not only raise our awareness, but to also actively work on ways to combat any resulting negative effects. Biases exist not only in the ways that educators teach, but also in how language itself operates within the confines of social and cultural landscapes.

Active Allyship in ELT – Video and event notes available!

allyship poster

While awareness of social justice issues is an important step toward equity for all, being an active ally means working towards building safer classrooms and workplaces, particularly for those in positions of power or privilege. The GALE SIG is planning a one day workshop in which presenters will share strategies on how to be an effective ally to both students and colleagues.

Independent Publishers’ & Materials Creators’ Fair – Workshop Videos Available

Publishers' Fair

Take a look at what textbooks are available from the independent publishers in the Kansai Region. Workshops in the morning, and breakout rooms with textbook authors in the afternoon.