Critical Realism in Applied Linguistics – November 6, 2022 (online)

Critical Realism in Applied Linguistics

Research is always based on assumptions about what constitutes valid scientific knowledge and by what means or methods we can create it. We aim to show comprehensively how we can improve research in Applied Linguistics by firstly making these assumptions explicit so that we can secondly overcome their limitations.

PanSIG 2022: (Re)imagining language education – July 8th to 10th 2022, The University of Nagano

PanSIG 2022

What is the future of language education in a post-pandemic world? How will we teach, research, and learn languages? What challenges will learners, researchers and educators meet and overcome? What new connections will be made among learners, educators, and researchers within and beyond our classrooms and communities?

School Owners’ SIG 2022 Mini-Conference – June 19

JALT Globe

10 red flags when hiring, effective communication with parents, how limiting student intake has increased retention and profitability, growing your language school, and many more topics through breakout rooms, plus the annual School Owners’ Annual General Meeting.

JALTCALL2022: Exploring the Intersection of Games and Technology in Language Education (online)


JALTCALL2022 will be held June 17-19, 2022 virtually on the web at the JALTCALL2022 page at Eventzil.La. JALTCALL2022は、2021年6月17日~19日にWeb上ではバーチャルで開催されます。 JALTCALL2022のホームページは、Eventzil.La.です。

Living on the Edge 2022 – May 21 & 22, 2022 (via

Living on the Edge 2022: Finding Home

When you live on the edge, where is home? Perhaps a better question would be, when? For some of us, home is a physical location, whereas for others it is a state of mind, something to be found in relationships or in a space between places. At Living on the Edge 2022: Finding Home we invite you to share how you’ve used your differences as the building blocks to find spaces in which to belong and / or how you’ve created spaces for others.