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The Kyoto Jalt Review
ISSN 2188-188X 出版地:京都市
Published by the Japan Association for Language Teaching Kyoto Chapter



The Kyoto JALT Review is an annual journal hosted by that aims to publish articles related to language teaching and/or learning.  The overarching theme for the articles it contains is a focus on practical research that those in the language teaching industry can truly utilize to improve language learning efficiency.  The journal aims to strike an optimum balance between practicality of results and empirical methodologies with the articles it publishes.  The Kyoto JALT Review relies on anonymous peer review for vetting and proofing, does not require those who submit articles to be JALT or Kyoto JALT members, and issues of the journal are freely accessible on this webpage.  We look forward to your submissions.  Please see the links below for previous issues and guidelines for authors.


The Kyoto JALT Review


Download the 2013 Issue #1 here

Download the 2014 Issue #2 here

Review submission guidelines here