Call for participants in research about global citizenship education in Japanese English classrooms

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Christina Coslian is a current masters student at the University College of London and is researching about global citizenship education in Japanese English classrooms for her dissertation to be published later this year.

In this dissertation, she hopes to explore the connection between global citizenship education and English language education, evaluate current global citizenship education outcomes in these English classes, investigate the relationship between teacher background and their understanding of global citizenship, and gain a deeper understanding the implications of English as a vehicle for introducing new, western-centric pedagogical outcomes and expectations.

The researcher is looking to interview English teachers of undergraduate Japanese students working and residing in Japan about this topic. The interviews will be conducted on zoom at the time most convenient to the interviewee, and will last between 30-40 minutes.

The data gathered from the interviews will be pseudonymized for the final MA dissertation and follow all privacy regulations outlined in the GDPR and APPI. If you would like more information or would like to volunteer to be interviewed for this research, please fill out the following Google form, please fill out this Google form, or contact the researcher directly by email at by June 3rd 2022.