JALT PanSIG 2024 Call For Presentation Proposals

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The JALT PanSIG 2024 Conference will take place from May 24th to 26th 2024 at Fukui University of Technology (福井工業大学) in Fukui. It will be a face-to-face event with live broadcast sessions and pre-recorded video presentations.

The theme for PanSIG 2024 is “Back to Basics”. The pandemic has propelled us, virtually overnight, into a brave new world of online and hybrid environments. We have seen the emergence and proliferation of AI in language learning. With so much change, it is important to take stock. By going back to basics, we will consider how core principles in language learning relate to technology and the changing times.

PanSIG 2024 will be a welcoming forum for young teachers and researchers to join the JALT community. Research and practical workshops will be shared in an accessible way. PanSIG2024 brings people together to mentor and nourish fresh talent and new ideas.  We encourage people new to research to join us, and actively participate.