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Osaka & Kyoto JALT & SIETAR Kansai - Sexual Harassment: From Two Vantage Points

Dr. Robert O'Mochain & Dr. Fiona Creaser

Sunday, April 22, 2018

  • Time: 2:00pm to 5:00pm (Registration begins at 2:00)
  • Venue: Takatsuki Sogo Shimin Koryu Center (高槻市立会館総合市民交流センター)
  • 紺屋町1-2 高槻市, Osaka 569-0804 Japan
  • Map to venue
  • Cost: Free for JALT and SIETAR members and students; one day-members 500 yen

Presentation 1: Sexual Harassment: From Cultures of Silence to Cultures of Empowerment This presentation explores the issue of sexual harassment through the lens of culture, in particular the cultures of educational institutions. To what extent do educational cultures tolerate unacceptable behaviour, with a culture of impunity for perpetrators? To what extent are individuals aware of the seriousness of sexual harassment, and what steps have they taken to eliminate this prevalent social ill? The presentation also considers national, political, organizational, and military cultures in terms of the styles of masculinity which they promote and how this translates into toxic patterns of harassment. Finally, considerations are made of counter-arguments to some arguments of protagonists of the "Me Too" campaign, a recent far-reaching, multimedia, cultural phenomenon.

Dr. Robert O'Mochain is an Associate Professor of the College of International Relations in Ritsumeikan University. His doctoral research explored the implications of homophobia in the lives of teachers and students in Japan. More recently, he has explored the implications of sexual harassment in educational contexts and has applied a Masculinities Studies perspective to sexual harassment issues.



Presentation 2: Springboard Women's Work and Personal Development Program: One Woman's Journey Dr. Fiona Creaser’s past research has been on harassment against women; however, two years ago she felt that although workplace policies had improved somewhat, there was still a gap between the reality of harassment and its effects on people. There was a clear need for safe working environments for people to speak freely about their experiences of harassment. Victims of harassment experienced anger, disappointment and isolation. Dr. Creaser thus worked on a project to culturally translate and introduce to Japan the Springboard Women’s Work and Personal Development programme, a programme which was developed in Durham University in the UK and dedicated to empower women to create their own networks of power and safety. This project has sponsored several women in Japan to become licensed trainers, and it is expected that this will result in pockets of support networks to spring up throughout Japan.

Dr. Fiona Creaser is an Associate Professor at the University of Kitakyushu, where she teaches gender issues. Her research interests include sexual harassment, workplace bullying, and women's self-development and empowerment programmes.

This event is co-sponsored by Osaka JALT, Kyoto JALT, and SIETAR Kansai. We'll have a dinner party afterwards at a nearby restaurant. Please email Donna at by April 19 to reserve a seat.