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The Kyoto JALT Review

The Kyoto JALT Review is a journal hosted by that aims to publish articles related to language learning. We are currently accepting submissions. Learn more about The Kyoto JALT Review here.


Elementary/JHS/HS Event Call for Papers

      Kyoto JALT is pleased to present an event that focuses solely on elementary school, junior high school, and high school EFL teaching and learning. Work done at the primary and secondary levels greatly impact university level teaching, so we feel our predominantly university-based membership has much to learn from YOU. That’s why would like to dedicate an entire afternoon to exploring your ideas together with you.

      If you are interested in sharing your research or presenting your experiences of teaching at this level in Japan please submit a brief 200 word abstract of the presentation, presentation title, speaker(s) names and affiliation(s) by midnight April 1st 2018 to Please write 'Young learner day' in the subject line. We are looking forward to receiving your submission! --Your Kyoto JALT Organizing Team